Sunday, November 15, 2009

Proud to be a Saints Fan...9-0

These are my 15 favorites from the mini portrait Session that we did yesterday. Her Aunt Cari made her this Saints tutu. Cari is creating them to sell if you or you know anyone interested in purchasing a Saints tutu, an LSU Tutu or any other variation.

[Some of you might have seen this on facebook yesterday. I couldn't resist giving a sneakpeak]


[Have you ever seen a cuter pout?]

[I don't think she was really pouting, but that's sort of what we got. I would ask her not to smile or not smile so big, but that was often what I got. I love it!]




[And yes, I saw the cat in the background. The funny thing about that cat is that he won't come to you when you want him to AND he want go away when you want him to either!]



The sun was going down. So that was the end of this fun mini-portrait session.

My husband, Natalie's Poppa, has been a Saints fan for as long as I can remember [even before he was an LSU fan--don't tell the die-hard LSU fans! lol]. So his son followed that tradition and his daughter too. So now we pass it on to the next generation!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know this should be called Trunk or Treat or Halloween or something along the line of the event that was taking place the day that I took these images of my little sweetheart, but since I don't feel like these few images actually tell the whole story...we'll just make a "TOO-CUTE TUESDAY" post. One of the reasons that I stay behind on blogging is NOT because I don't take photos or it is NOT because fun things/memorable things don't happen in Natalie's World, it's because I don't have enough time to cover it with the detail that I desire. Thus if I can't do it like I really want, I tend to not get around to it all. I so wish I could summarize things much better and was NOT as detailed oriented so that I could. Oh well...I will stop whining and move on the matter at hand.

full-length view (including a view of Toto)...

Always a little poser these days...

Emma (the vampire) and Natalie (Dorothy)...
and again Natalie is posing! LOL

and now "cheesing"!

I wished I had more images ready to post from trunk or treat. This is one of the trunks, my friend, client, and assistant, Kate, her son, Cash and her mom! The theme was Farmer's Market. Cash is a carrot! I've never seen a cuter carrot!

Another trunk with a darling Charlie Brown theme.
This is Sarah and Natalie, twin Dorothies.

Natalie making the Trunk or Treat round.

After we got home we finished the evening off with watching...

yes, of course, THE WIZARD OF OZ!

We watched this movie for the first time about a month ago with Natalie. I was thrilled that she loved it and was excited to be Dorothy. A week earlier when I bought her RUBY RED SLIPPERS, we watched again. She wore them w/her jammies. She almost fell asleeep wearing them. Such precious memories!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~