Tuesday, October 9, 2007

COTTON FIELD PORTRAITS 2007: October 1, 2007

I tried again the other day to get my cotton portrait of Natalie. I was thinking it could be our official Two Year Portrait. It is just too hot to get outside around her birthday and now that she is two I don't think it has to be the exact date. I still wasn't very pleased. In other words, I don't know if I like any of these enough to be my large wall portrait. I may try again in a few weeks, but it won't be in the field behind our house as they picked it a few days later.
You can see how long her hair has gotten. We are thinking of cutting it one length soon. It doesn't usually look this pretty and since she has never had it cut...I think it is time for her to get her first trim. I know it will thicken up so much.
This is quite a mischevious look...which was the mood she was in at the time!

I like this one. It is so sweet.

This is a pastel effect that I tried on this one.

I like the lighting and expression, but I wished she had been closer to the cotton field.

This is her saying "I don't know?" She really didn't want to be do this anymore, but I kept trying. So I asked her where is the cat.

Same one with pastel tone...

Cari tried to help. Neither one of us could get her to cooperate any longer. And you can tell in Natalie's expressions in these with her and Cari.

That's the end of the cotton portrait for today!

These two are a few from earlier in the day from my new point and shoot camera. I havent' bonded it with it yet...
In other words, I am not comfortable using it. The above image in the chair is her posing with Precious. This one is her putting on some socks that she got out her drawer...some that she wasn't supposed to get into.
So that was Monday, October 1, 2007. ---Natalie's Mimi

FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER 2005 (2 yrs. ago)


Early morning 10.05.05

Later in the same day 10.05.05 wearing another cute comfy Old Navy outfit.

October 3, 2005
Photographs in her daddy's sleeper one more time before she outgrows it.

Cute hair, uh?

October 2, 2005

Officially two months old now (2 mos. & 3 days)

Friday, October 5, 2007



Natalie: "Oh, I love them!"

Natalie to Momma cat: "May I hold one?"

Momma cat: "No."

Momma cat: "I said no!"

Momma cat: "Please give me her back!"

Momma cat: "Is she okay?"

Natalie admiring the kitten. Momma cat gives up! But doesn't relax as long as Natalie has her baby...who could blame here.

Natalie: "Hush! I said Hush!

This was a sad moment for Momma cat and Baby kitten, but quite funny too. Natalie was squeezing kitten which is why she was screaming, but Natalie was continually yelling Hush! We were cracking up...poor kitty.


I sent the three of them outside. I was editing images, cooking supper and continually looking for Natalie to see what she was into...she goes from one thing to the next, but her favorite things to get into that she isn't suppose to is paint, nail polish and make-up. Later on this day, she found paint in Cari's room. It took her getting into it a few more times before we put it completely out of reach since we can't seem to lock Cari's door!
So Brittany remembered how cool the big bubbles wands are. One day she and Cari came in from softball conditioning while I was out playing bubbles with Natalie. These aren't the sharpest images. My camera still had some settings from the session I had that morning with Katie Smith's extended family session that we did at Melrose. But I think it is cool to have images captured of a family just having fun...not often do people get that. At first they didn't even know I was taking them. They had a lot of fun until they couldn't take the mosquitoes any longer. We don't usually have them too bad here, but we have lately.
Notice the big bubble that I circled that Natalie is trying to catch. I love it! I love the expressions on her parents face too!

Cari trying to entertain Natalie playing with play-doh while I was trying to finish supper and while her parents were gone to town to get ice cream and a movie for after supper.
Natalie says, "No...I do it myself."

Natalie is in the "I do it myself" phase. It gets really bad sometimes. She will give us the biggest fits over this...literally. Sometimes you can persuade her, sometimes you just give in, but sometimes it is a knock-down-drag-out fight. This too shall pass... at least that's what I keep thinking. But all the really cute moments make up for these gut wrenching moments! ---Natalie's Mimi

Eating chocolate ice cream with Mommy & Daddy while we were watching a movie.
She was already dressed for bed after the much needed bath that was necessary after the paint incident ealier that day. Yes, she had to change night clothes before bedtime!


Natalie and her mommy before the pep rally.
Natalie's Aunt Cari and her friend, Alexa.
Natalie's pet name for Alexa is Alexa's Angel!
Natalie and her Nonna
Some of Aunt Cari's and Mommy's good friends...THE JUNIORS!
Natalie's Mommy's friend, Tori, was the MC.
Natalie's mommy, her friends, Paige, Mary Kathryn, and Tori, AND Aunt Cari
Natalie and her Aunt Cari
Natalie and her mommy...I love this one. Natalie was too cooperative in most of these images, but this one is so sweet.
My three girls...not such a sweet pose of Natalie
Cari & Alexa
Finally Natalie gets to run around and play. She likes balloons.

Almost time for the parade. Natalie's Aunt Emma and another Little Viking
Eating candy (Mimi kept some of Cari's for Natalie)
waiting for the parade to begin
Natalie's daddy came home in time to drive his sister, Natalie's Aunt Cari in the parade.
Brittany in the Parde
coming back from the parade
Brittany and Cari after the parade
Cari, Cameron & Brittany
Brittany and Cameron
The family of three... Natalie tried so hard to give them both a hug at the same time!
Cari and Alexa after the parade
This are quick posts as I am running out of time. I have a lot to do to get ready for a weekend trip to visit some family. Since I had a lot of photos I made the descriptions short. I haven't been able to blog because of a computer problem. But I haven't had the time this week anyway. I have uploaded all the images since this date, but I haven't typed all the text. I think I will go ahead an post the images and then edit with text later. I want them here so when I show family this weekend. I a few images from different little things this week, but most of them are on the new camera that I still have to learn to use so I will try to post early next week again, but if not...slowly, but surely I will get them up here. I have been a slacker this week and I may remain one through the holidays, but I will keep it up...better late than never, uh? ---Natalie's Mimi