Friday, January 23, 2009


I wanted to add something new to Natalie's World, but I don't really have time to go through all the images from the last two months that I need to back track and I looked at some olders files and came up with these that were photographed two years ago, January 20, 2007.

Before I go any further, I should give credit to the theme name, Fashback Friday. I had actually thought of creating Freaky Friday and find silly images to blog and I still may or maybe I just gave someone else a new idea! But since I have started blogging I like to view certain blogs. From time to time I will randomly look at new blogs or rather blogs that I do not know, but I have a few regulars that I frequently visit and now fell like they are my best blog buddies. One of my favorites is about this sweet baby girl who was adopted. Her mommy is quite inspiring and so in love with her baby girl. Their blog is respectively called "A GIFT WORTH THE WAIT". Today Sara Madalin's mommy started her version of Flashback Friday. She also mentioned being sure to give credit to who she knew started certain things like Way Back Whensday as Nicki did on her blog, The Glenn Gang. I guess I think about things like copyrighted photos, but I had not thought about now you know!

I have used Wordless Wednesday, not sure who started it, but I got the idea from Cristi from Jesus Is. But as far as I know, I created Too Cute Tuesday and Terrific Thursday...but who knows maybe I saw them somewhere to and I don't remember. So if I need to give someone credit just let me know. It is fun to do a little different twist to blog! And thanks to those who gave me and others these new blog ideas.

It could be Better Late Than Never since it was two years ago.
At this age, almost 18 months, Natalie loved the Baby Einsteins DVD series. Her favorites was Baby McDonald. She loved watching it over and over. It was so perfect for a toddler, especially one who loved animals and making animals sounds. I recommend all the DVDs from this series. They are so perfect for a child's first experiences with TV.
So when we kept seeing the ads for the AG-EXPO in Monroe I thought Natalie would so enjoy seeing all the "real" animals.
As you can see in this image, she was a little afraid of the "real" chicks!

Awwwwhh! says Cari!

Scared of a tiny chick, but not afraid of Elsie the Cow! Go figure!

Poppa and Aunt Cari are having fun, but Natalie is wondering why Mimi is over in the corner. (taking photos, of course) It was so crowded and so hard to document this through my lens, but I am so glad that I did. It's so neat to look back at these two years later.

Emma came too!

I think she enjoyed it too!

I wish that I could remember what Emma was saying! [That's why you should document/blog your images ASAP.]

Emma is holding the little chick and Natalie still looks scared of it or is she scared that Aunt Cari will drop her because she is petting the baby chick and only using one arm to hold her.

Emma seesm just a little proud to be holding it, don't you think?

on to the goats...

What in the world is Cari laughing at?
Maybe Emma!

I think Emma looks a lot like Brittany in these images. What do you think?

It was a very cool and windy day! Look at Emma's hair in her face. I do remember we didn't look at the tractors and equipment that was outside very long. It was just too cool and it was beginning to sprinkle rain.

I noticed this tag as I was preparing these images for this post. This why I am glad that I am not a farmer...

I have no idea why Natalie is screaming. But I do know we didn't get any more photos after this one...I wonder why?

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


NOT TOO FAR BACK...THIS WAS ABOUT A YEAR AGO! I was asked by the magazine that was going to publish this for the gin show to do some photographs of Randy for the article about him receiving GINNER OF THE YEAR (2008). Of course, I couldn't resist including Natalie in some in hopes that they would use one of them..which they did (by the way).

We did some in the gin office too. Natalie loved the water cooler!

I think she is trying to destroy this crocheted cotton bole.
Disclaimer: Remember she was two yrs. old at this time.

She does "cheese" much better now...
These were photographed January 7, 2008! It wasn't a cold day like today, but very windy like today. [check out Natalie's hair in the first two images.]
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Monday, January 19, 2009

NOT ME MONDAY...before I change my mind.

the link to this blog

Okay, just as I decided that I would do this, so I take a look at the rules and it appears she has just changed the rules, not that I really understood, but I am going to play today anyway. I have considered trying this several times, but that particular Monday totally slipped away before I got a chance. I love reading Cristi's and Casey's Not me Monday posts. So I am playing today too...for today I am making up the rules or least the way I interpret them.

  1. I do not still have storage boxes of Christmas decorations on my front porch today because I am always on top of everything. I always put everything back in the storage building as soon as I finish them.

  2. I did not eat the last piece of 4-Layer Delight that Randy made yesterday this afternoon. And I did not have a piece for breakfast too because I always eat healthy food.
  3. I did not decide to do tomorrow what I probably should have done today. I wouldn't treat today like a holiday just because everyone else was.

  4. I did not finally update my three blogs. It's not really a big deal. No one probably reads them anyway, huh?

  5. I did not start washing dirty clothes. Our dirty laundry never piles up around here!

  6. I did not sleep in today. I would never do that just because I didn't have to make sure that my daughter is up and getting ready for school.

  7. I did not spend a good portion of my afternoon working on ideas for a portrait blog photo contest. I would never get an idea like this from a fellow blogger. I always come up with original ideas [is there any such thing any more? with all the media, internet, etc how does any one come up with anything original...even if you don't remember where you saw the image or idea...chances are it has been seen and/or done by someone.]

  8. I did not encourage Brittany to put Natalie in time out since they were only going to be here a little, no. Natalie, my little sweetheart, is always a perfect angel especially when she doesn't get to finish her nap when she fell asleep on the way here. NO, no...I don't believe in punishing her. She will be just fine and everybody is going to love and adore her as much as I do even if we never punish her for bad behavior.

  9. I did not remember last night that I forgot to put my mom's birthday gift in the mail when I found the gift in my room last night...when I remembered that her birthday would be the next the day (today).

  10. I did not put those red beans and rice that I cooked yesterday back in the crock pot for supper tonight. I would never fix leftovers for my family and they would never eat them even if I did.

  11. My daughter is not getting her driver's licence tomorrow. No am I not ready for this. I like driving to V'town and Natchez all the time just to pick her up from her friends', school, baby sitting (i mean tutoring) or dance. No we didn't suprize her with a car for Chrismas. She wouldn't want one anyway!

  12. And last, but not least, I did not post these silly NOT ME MONDAY items on Natalie's World. I did not intend to put this on my personal blog because the post was all about Natalie anyway...isn't everything I do all about her (honestly? sometimes it

So, okay Casey and Cristi, how did I do? Well, I did try! I always enjoy ready yours...maybe next time I won't bother reading the rules again and won't try to follow them either. I never like to follow the, no! NOT ME!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~


Brit, me, Natalie, Cari and my mom [aka GiGi]
Okay, I know I am re-posting some images that I have posted before. Yes, I feel guilty that I didn't get any of mom at Christmas. I blame some of it on my holiday fatigue that had started setting in.

The above image from the wedding rehearsal. I thought this was a good one of my mom though for some reason now it doesn't seem as flattering. I do love this woman! We all do! Natalie loves her GiGi!

Three Generations of Women...


We all love you so much!


Okay, I know I am so behind on updates. But the holidays always take so much out of this blogger...this year was no exception. But I am seriously going to start trying to catch up by back tracking and going forward until hopefully I am caught up again.

I don't have any photos to post. I didn't even take any this weekend..."Bad Mimi". But I guess I just wanted to enjoy my time with Natalie w/o getting the camera out...after all the camera ends up being more work that I am behind on...editing, blogging, etc.

While Cari and Brittany went to the Miss Vidalia Pageant, I enjoyed some time with my little sweetheart. I had intended on us making cupcakes, but since it had been so cool and also cloudy, I really didn't want to leave the house, but Randy called from the deerstand and said that if we went to the store he wanted the stuff to make 4-Layer delight--something that he started craving while he was shelling and eating pecans in the deerstand...maybe that's why he never saw that "big one"! So I realized even though it was cloudy, it wasn't as cool as it had been the last few days. So off we go to buy my list (I try to keep an on-going list for the next time we go to wal-mart) and stuff for two desserts (4-layer delight and cupcakes). So along with food, and few misc. items, Natalie also ended up with her new favorite movie: THE RESCUERS DOWNUNDER!

We enjoyed our time with Natalie.

  • We made cupcakes.
  • She decorated them with sprinkles.
  • We watched Rescures Downunder.
  • She fixed my hair.
  • We played with Doctor (with her new doctor kit that she loves...$5 at Target well spent)
  • We read our new FANCY NANCY Book
  • We ended up sleeping in Sunday (too much drama in our lives sometimes that we can't seem to get it together for Sunday a.m.--I won't go into details...some of you know)
  • We picked Cari up in Vidalia. Natalie barely noticed her getting in the vehicle because she was so engrossed with the new movie.
  • We had lunch at La Fiesta.
  • I didn't order Natalie an individual meal or side dish because she had a late breakfast and had a snack and a when she still seemed hungry after I gave her my refried beans---
  • I ordered her her own...this like a whole plateful of beans--SHE ATE IT ALL !
  • Randy took Cari to dance while I finished feeding Natalie the beans...she fed herself the last few bites. Yes, she can feed herself, but I often feed her to encourage her to eat more and now she asks for you to feed her sometimes. I know that's probably not so good, but I am sure she won't be asking me to feed her at her graduation dinner!
  • Natalie didn't even realize that Cari was gone until we got in the car.
  • I explained to her that she was gone to dance. I asked if she wanted to watch her dance. [I meant later. Cari is dancing in the Pilgrimage in Natchez.]
  • When we got home, Natalie did not want to get out of the car. She kept insisting that she wanted to watch Cari dance. Oh No! It is so hard to explain to a three-year that you mean later.
  • I was very tired and I thought she would be too. We watched Rescuers some more while Randy went to pick up Cari and Alexa.
  • I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to take a little snooze...I took a catnap...Natalie watched the movie!
  • Natalie was tickled to see Alexa! She had not seen her in a while! So she bugged them (I mean visited them), while I fixed some supper and cleaned the kitchen.
  • After we ate, we played a Dora board game. She had so much fun playing that game!
  • To calm Natalie down--she was bouncing of the walls [something that seems to accompany no nap], we got ready for a bath!
  • She played a while with one of her bath toys. Then I took care of business washing her hair.
  • While she was in the tub, her parents arrived.
  • She was very happy to see them and leave with them with them when there were ready to go.

I had wanted to think of something special to do with Natalie while they attended the pageant. Since it was so cool and Natalie still had her bad cough, I am glad we could have just as much fun staying in!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

TERRIFIC THURSDAY...because it is almost Friday!

Natalie is cutting her fruit! lol

These are few quick images that I took last January exactly a year ago this week. I was trying out my new camera that I got for Christmas...well, actually, after Christmas since my hubby gave me $ to buy it. I think these are some of the very first images that I captured with it!
My Natalie has grown and changed a lot in a year!
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday and it's been Too Long

Okay, I know it's been TOO LONG since I posted anything on any blog...I guess I just needed a break from any kind of computer activity. I guess the break has ended and I though I would start back with posting something that is just TOO CUTE and something that makes us long for summer in the middle of winter. This photo of Natalie was photographed May 6, 2007 which makes her a few months before her 2nd b'day. She has always enjoyed the water!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~