Sunday, February 15, 2009


Since it was warm and springlike, I went ahead and sent this Gymboree outfit home with Natalie from the new spring line. I was also suppose to rain this day. This is a darling raincoat. I LOVE EBAY! These are some of the most recent Spring 09 clothes and I got all of them at great prices!

Doesn't she look like a little model?
I showed this idea to B while they were in last weekend. She loved it. I am so glad that she did this since Natalie's Valentines still have not been delivered. [long story that I won't waste yours or my time with] Natalie and Brittany did these to take to Natalie's "school" (daycare) little Valentine exchange thing. [I don't think they really had a party.]

Before they went to school, Natalie had to go to the clinic. A few days earlier, she had to do X-rays. Natalie has had a chronic cough since before Christmas (possibly since Thanksgiving). She's been on antibiotics at least twice, but it won't seem to go away. It's not so bad in the daytime, but each night it gets really bad. She coughs until her eyes look like they are about to pop out of her little face and they begin to tear up. And her face is so red; she looks like she is about to passout!
So of course, we (parents/grandparents) are very concerned. The doctor said this time they heard wheezing, but she could only hear it with the stethoscope. And it had occurred since the x-rays were made. She took a breathing treatment immediately (while at the clinic) and has been on some type of breathing treatment at home for the last few days. Please pray for my little sweetheart...that God heals her of this and with some kind of diagnosis. She doesn't sleep well because of this cough that gets so bad at of course, no one else in the same home does either. It is hard to see your child (I mean grandchild) suffering and you can't do anything about it!
I hope Brittany doesn't mind. I took this from her facebook page. These two were taken at the clinic Friday. They went very early-- then Nataie and Brittany went to their schools.

She is playing with this little doggie that she got for Christmas. I don't remember the name of it, but she really liked it!

I asked Brittany to photograph the candy bars since I wouldn't be there to see them. I am so glad she did so this is one more thing in NATALIE'S WORLD that she won't forget!

This is the back side.

This was all of the ones that she was taking to school (I think).
I don't have any photos of Natalie's gift. I forgot to ask Brittany to take a photo of her receiving it, but I will mention it. I guess I should have photographed it before I sent it...actually I was doing good to get it in the mail in time for her to get on Valentine's Day. I sent it off Wednesday. Usually she gets her packages in 2 days, but just when you are really hoping she will get them takes longer. Brittany called me yesterday, when she received it. THIS WAS THE CONTENTS OF HER PACKAGE FROM MIMI AND POPPA FOR HER FOURTH VALENTINE'S DAY:
  • A Pink Plaque with three pegs for hanging her jackets for her room. It read: PRINCESS (she is poppa's princess)
  • I found this cute little teddy bear holding a heart that read: SWEET--- I thought this was perfect since the bear was little and she is my little SWEET heart! (the first two items were the sentimental gifts. The rest are "happies" that I thought she would like.)
  • Dora Mermaid Movie
  • Pink M&M's
  • HEART-SHAPED STICKERS THAT LOOK LIKE CANDY [I was thinking these would be good to put on the Valentine envelopes. I was not thinking that at best timing that the stickers would arrive after the party. Oh well...maybe she can still do it now...NO ONE CARES IF THEY GET A PHOTO GREETING AFTER THE least I hope they don't because I am two holidays behind now...LOL!]

I know I am out of order. I still don't have images from our afternoon a week ago at the golf course and I still don't have much from Christmas. I was so hoping to backtrack, but it is so hard to go backwards in a fast moving forward world!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

OUR LITTLE WILD THING (lots of images)

The above image is the Valentine's card that I created for Natalie to share with her friends at school and for me to send a few late greetings.

When they did not come in quick enough, I re-sized it and printed a few 4x6 for Natalie to share with her friends at school, but the quality of Wal-mart print can be so tacky sometimes and sometimes not. This was one of those times! So they late Greeting for everyone else except facebook and blog readers...YAY! YOU!

Gymboree called this Zebra line "Wild One". I had recently purchased many items (probably way to many) from the previous line, "Sweeter than Chocolate". So I limited my purchases of the Zebra stuff. I couldn't resist the boots and the swimsuit I that purchased before Christmas along with the other winter clothes (pink/brown clothing...sweeter than chocolate) that I gaver her as part of her Christmas gifts.

My new friend who I met through ebay...believe it or not made Natalie's Zebra tutu. Rachel (the friend) has a business out of her home (sound familiar?). She mades tutus, headbands, hats, cute, cute little baby shoes. She made my favorite Christmas Tutu for the studio! The Zebra Tutu was just as darling. Once I got the idea of doing "Wild Thing" for Valentine's, I also orderd her the pink leggins and Gymboree top to go with it. I sound like an ad for Gymboree and Punkin's & Peanuts Baby. Actully we are doing ad work for Rachel...too bad Gymboree won't make the same trade-out arrangement with us! That would save me a ton of money! [Check out the link to see more of Rachel's items. Her website isn't finished yet, but you can purchase through ETSY!]

I took Natalie to Duncan Park to create some fun images with intentions of creating her valentine's cards. With no particular ideas of what we would do. Of course, she had to cooperate at her photo session before we could go play, but she really didn't seem to mind being photographed...I am sure I did a few more than she had in mind, but I am so glad that I did and I am so glad that she is much more cooperative about having being photographed than she used to be. Makes it more of a pleasure than a chore!

On NO! I accidently deleted one. These are just a few of my favs. I ended up with 88 that I kept. I plan to post most of them on facebook. So if you happen to be one of my facebook friends you can see more real soon.

Finally she is through doing portraits and we are headed to the car to change into play clothes!

I love her expression in this one

and I love how she stopped and looked over her shoulder at me.

I had soooo much fun swinging. After so many cool days in January, this was our first pretty Saturday. I am so glad that we enjoyed some of the day playing at the park!

I am also very glad that Cari joined up took this photo of me and Natalie. I will treasure it forever. I just love how it shows our excited at the park!

This should be my The End Shot.

But I wanted to include this one of Emma and Natalie. Emma and Brittany also joined us a little later too. It was about time to go by the Emma got there. We had not ate lunch yet and we were ready for our LaFiesta Fix!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I haven't even removed the memory card from the camera for proof to back up the title of this post! But trust me it was great! Since I am on this kick about eating healthier and getting more exercise, I have been trying to think of family activities for us to do that does not involve going out to eat. Eating out has been our main hobby for the last 5 years or so and boy does it show! I had thought of bowling, but then I when I realized it was going to be a pretty Saturday, golf came to mind.

Now I am sure you are thinking..."I didn't know Jami played golf." Okay, okay, I don't, but I can take lots of photographs and ride around in a golf cart while others do. I have always told Randy that when the kids grow up (leave home), I will have more time and I will learn then--I know it will be a nice outdoor activity for us to do together. Since we are less than two and half years from the empty next, I really think it time that I take an interest in some things like this for us to do together!

So I had the idea about the golf as stated earlier when I realized how pretty it would be. I told Cameorn to bring his and Natalie's clubs when they came. Cameron has been sick and so they didn't get off that early, but they did get here in time for us to play few holes. It was far from a serious game for anyone. No one (Randy, Cameron or Cari) had played in a while. Brittany and I are great specatators! Randy and Cameron were sure that Natalie would get bored with golf right away. So I thought Casey's kite idea could go along with this one. So Brittany got an inexpensive kite and some bubbles (just in case).

Natalie had so fun playing golf...she was just delightful to watch. Giddy is the one word that would describe her enthusiasm. It was fun for all us to watch her excitement. We did finally get the kite out. The wind had died our timing wasn't the greatest. But Guess What! The wind from a speeding golf cart is just right for flying a small kite. It was hilarious! I don't think we got any photos of that...that is of flying the kite from our golf cart.

[as i was finishing this up, i remember this most special moment that also when I changed the time from "great time to great fun".] AS WE ARE GETTING IT ALL TOGETHER BACK INTO THE CARS, RETURNING THE CARTS, ETC...NATALIE PROUDLY EXCLAIMS "I HAD GREAT FUN!" I get a lump in my throat as I remember the sweetest memory that we shared with her. Great fun...what kind of phrase is that. I think it is a combination of Good Time, lot of funs...but even better was GREAT FUN...from the mouths of babes.
Randy had made his famous brisket the night we came home, I cooked some veggies to go with it. It was a great meal with family in our own home visiting and catching up. Sometimes the best things in life are the most simple! I thank you God for family!

[I will try to add images soon. I know I have been such a slacker lately, but I am trying to catch up and all.]

~~Natalie's Mimi~~