Sunday, June 28, 2009

BACKTRACK #7 (LINK) Brooke's Graduation Night

The bad thing about starting a post, but not finishing it is that it shows it on the date that it was started (not the date and time it was finished). So I just finished it.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Flashback Friday (06.27.06)

Natalie strutting her purple swimsuit and purple swim goggles before a swim in the pool. Personally, I never seen a girl any cuter in a purple swimuit. [Approximately 3 years ago!]

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Then and Now THURSDAY

THEN: Natalie has really been dancing before she learned to walk. This image and the next group of images were captured June 23, 2006 (approximately one month before her first b'day when she DID learn to walk). She was NOT walking yet, but in spurts could/would let go long enough to dance. She has loved music and dancing from the very beginning of her sweet little life. Holding her daddy's hand...


letting go to crawl to something...I think me (behind the camera)

Trying to get a photo of her w/o me or her daddy? I don't remember for sure, but she sure was a beautiful, precious baby.

Wanting to let go to dance...

THE FIRST IMAGE AGAIN: So he let go and she dances!
NOW: This was taken the same day that this last image was taken. This is Natalie pretending to be a "real" dancer.

NOW: This was taken (Monday, June 22, 2009, three years later). Natalie finally takes dance lessons!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY (a few hours early)

UPDATE/EDITED TO ADD: Since it isn't Wednesday any longer, I am adding a few words. This was before swimming on Monday (the first day of swimming lessons). Poppa took her swimming while Mimi cooked supper.

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Day of Dance Camp in Photographs...and the story behind them

OUR LITTLE BALLERINA PRINCESS FINALLY HAS HER FIRST DAY OF DANCENatalie did not wake up with the enthusiams that I expected, but she did wake on up and start eating her ceral after I insisted she get on up. This expression probably best represents how she feels about being up in the morning (when she doesn't wake up on her own).

Not really awake yet...

And if I remember correctly, this was the one when she was telling me that she was TRYING to eat her cereal.

Natalie still trying to eat...Mimi still tring to document our morning.

(I was quite proud of myself...I did many of those when Cari was a little dancer, but I had not done one in a very long time!)

Posing for our little mini session on the porch before leaving...
No, she doesn't have her ballet tight or leotard on. I discovered last night that we did NOT have pink tights. So we had to leave early to have time to go to Payless (the only store that I knew that would open early enough) to buy tights before class. So I didn't dress her in her ballet attire until I bought the tights. Doesn't she look precious in this little tutu. I bought her this for Christmas from gymboree. I think she has really enjoyed wearing it.
I love this sweet little face so!

She getting a little tired of our session and doing her own thing now!

Gotta have an eyelash image, huh?

It was quite stresssful getting there on time. I thought I have plenty of time and was afraid that I would get to Payless to early. They opened at 9:30 and Natalie had to be at Natchez Ballet Dance Academy at 10:00. By the time, I got her there, I had really broken a sweat.
When we got to Payless, she said, "Is this my ballet?" I explained to her that we had to get her tights first at this store. The smallest they had was medium...which for her little then body was really big and bunched up at her ankles. Oh would have to do. We didn't have much of a choice.
She asked the same questions, we got to the dance school. It was so precious! She remained excited about being there. I was a little concerned that she would get clingy at the last minute or something worse (like cry). There was a little girl crying when we got in there. So I decided that I would exit as quick as I got her settled before it got contagious. LOL
I asked Graci's (the little one crying) older sister, Mia, to show Natalie where to put her dance bag. When they were walking back into the studio, I over heard the sweetest conversation...maybe it wasn't a converstation, but oh so sweet. I heard her telling Mia, "I never had ballet before!" I am so glad that I overheard that sweet little statement. That's why even though I am behind catching up with my BACKTRACKING blog posts and have much that I needed to do today while Natalie was taking her nap, that I took the time to document this special FIRST in Natalie's life. Hopefully or the next two weeks, I can get a few more photos of her and do one more post with all of them!

I did not take any photos before class since we were running behind. So I saved the for pick-up time. This is her getting her sucker as she is leaving the class. I love Natalie's expression in this one, such a sincere expression for this special day!

Since Miss Mignon wasn't looking we did one more.

These next few images are for for from technically correct. They are from moments that a mommy/mimi photographer gets more caught up in the moment than what she has learned as a photographer. But just the same, they are OUR precious memories!

So I did a little anitque look for this one...

The next one black and white...

The last one was a little I left it in color.

Over the next two weeks is Natalie's dance camp. I hope to capture a few more images to document this milestone in her life and I will capture many for the review next Friday! So between more BACKTRACKING POST and more of this, you have many reasons to stay tuned to NATALIE'S WORLD.


Today's the big day! Natalie first day of dance. She will be here the next two weeks to take dance camp at Cari's ballet in Natchez, Natchez Ballet Dance Academy. I am both excited and nervous for her. Every since we took her to see the Nutcracker, she has wanted to be a ballerina.

I am up early going through email, facebook, etc. I need to go jump in the shower and get myself ready because I am bit nervous about getting Natalie up and going. She isn't a morning person at all. She went to bet at a decent time...well, for her...10:00. She is quite difficult to get down and even more difficult to get up in the mornings though I think today will be easier since she will be excited. However, we do have to leave earlier because I need to go get her some pink tights. I thought we had that covered only to discover last night that we didn't.

I have my camera laid out and even though this will be out of sequene since I am still posting all my Backtracking posts. I will try to post something on it this afternoon.

So again stay tuned.
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A dip in the pool...

"We interupt BACKTRACKING MODE to bring you FLASHBACK FRIDAY today on Friday, June 19, 2008"
(SUMMER 2006) THE ABOVE IMAGE: I posted this image first because it inspired my title.
These images were photographed June 20, 2006. Natalie was about almost 11 months old. This was the first year we had a pool. So we've had an above ground pool each summer since she was born (not the year she was born..since she was born in the summer). She has enjoyed the water and learning to swim so much each summer. It is amazing how she almost learned to swim w/o any formal lessons. Floaties really teach them to work their body (arms and legs) in the water.
Natalie in her float boat...

She liked it...

...but she liked being in someone's arms more!

Here's the dip again (in order sequence of moments)...
[And by the way: Did you notice how tan this baby girl is? And that's with 50 SPF and only the first few weeks of summer! She is as dark almost as dark as her daddy who worked was working in the sun that particular summer.]

Poppa played in the pool with them too...I just didn't post any of those image.

Poppa reading with her. She loved her picture books! I know she learned to identify things and talk from these books.

I guess she is wondering what Mimi's doing since Mimi is usually the one who reads her books with her...

All that swimming wears a baby out.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BACKTRACKING #7: Brooke's Graduation Night (05.15.09)

BROOKE'S GRADUATION NIGHT I've posted this image already, but it makes a good FIRST/TITLE image.

Back row: Randy; Middle Row: Uncle Dale, Danny (my brother, Brooke's uncle and Natalie's too), his wife, Maria (my sister-in-law, Brooke and Natalie's aunt), and my Aunt Betty (my mom's sister); BOTTOM ROW: Cari and Natalie (you should know them, of course, LOL..actually I think Natalie is on the middle row, but since was leaning on Cari I chose to list her on the bottom.)
Brooke had many extended family members present for her graduation. I guess it makes it easier when much of your extended family live near your graduating high school. Which was also my graduating high school.
I realized earlier in the week that I would be watching my niece graduate at the same high school, Forest High School, that I had graduated at 25 years ago. I've have been sort of surprised that I have not heard from any of my classmates from 25 years ago since we had a 5, 10, 15 and 20 year reunion. I made the first three, but was unable to go to the last one. I knew there would probably be people there that I knew, but I must admit, that since I have gained the 20 pounds back that I lost last year, that I was hoping that I didn't notice anyone or that I wasn't recognized. Before I even got in the door good, someone spotted me and almost knocked me over with a hug. It was very nice to see Rhonda and we even discussed a possibility of a class reunion, but since not summer is almost over, I don't really see it happening this year.
Randy took one of this group with me in this group.
There was several other groups there...the one with Quincy (my other brother and his family) and then the group of my aunts and family from my daddy's side of the family. Then there were the reserved seats for immediate family on the floor. I wished we could have all been sitting together so that I could have had one group shot.

It was very, very hot in the gym. I forgot the gym had not A/C...though it doesn't surprise me. I just didn't remember it being this hot at my graduation. Here is Maria being a very good AUNT MARIA fanning Natalie. And there's cutie Dalton sitting beside Natalie. Natalie was glad to see him there! She loves him so!

Brooke receiving her diploma...
I liked that the principal stopped with each student when the received their diploma for the photo opt. And I wished that VHS would do the same thing. I know my kids go to a bigger school, but it really wouldn't take THAT MUCH longer to stop for a photo.

Brooke and her mommy, my sister, Jackie. Don't they both have beautiful smiles?

That repeat pic...that's worth repeating (in sequence order), Natalie and her Brooke...

Dalton, Brooke and Natalie...

Cousins: Cari and Brooke (The above image is cousins too!)

Natalie wanted to pose for this one...Dalton, not so much!

My family with Brooke:
me, Natalie, Brooke, Randy, and Cari
Cameron and Brittany didn't get to come.

Natalie just had to try on this new accessory.

If you ever need someone to help you open gifts, Natalie will there in a heartbeat!

If anyone is opening a gift, Natalie is never far away. She thinks it is one of her missions in life to "help you".

Finally Natalie seizes an opportunity to try on the whole graduation attire: cap and gown along with all the coordinating accessories!

Showing Aunt Jackie and Brooke...


Natalie and the "real" graduate!

She didn't eat much for supper so I guess it was time for some chips. I am not sure where the expression came's not one that I am that familiar with, but I love that I captured it!

Natalie posing with Poppa...

That's the end of the images from Brooke's Graduation night. Isn't it amazing as to how much better and how many more you can capture, when it isn't your child (or almost child). The previous two years was Cameron's and then Brittany's. My mom gets a skip year and then another grandchild graduating. It will be Cari's turn in less than two years now. (WOW...less than 2 years...that gives me a lump in throat just thinking about it.)
I also realize that this was Natalie's 3rd graduation to witness. It's funny that I think she even remembers last years' or either she remembers the photos. Because she asked me on the way there if Brooke would be wearing one of those blue suits (meaning blue graduation gowns like Vidalia's). Of course, I explained that Brooke's would be red. Children are so smart, but leave it up to Little Miss Fashion Queen to be wondering about what color it would be!

I still have more catching up to do, but one BACK TRACK AT A TIME! (only 10 more to go!)

~~Natalie's Mimi~~