Sunday, May 31, 2009

MONDAY MEMORY (06.01.09): [weekend memory highlights]

These photos represent some of my weekend highlights that included Natalie. All day Saturday was yard sale day. I specifically asked that Natalie NOT be here for event...she would never let me sell anything. She would think everything that she liked that she had not seen before must be a "prize" for her.
Okay for these particular images...

FIRST IMAGE [FOUR BEAUTIFUL GIRLS]: Today was our ribbon cutting ceremony for newly remodeled church. Natalie doesn't have a clue as to what a ribbon cutting ceremony I include the highlight of Natalie with her Aunt Cari, Alexa and Lauren that I snapped before the ribbon cutting. I did get some photos inside our church. I intended to do so last Sunday (our first Sunday in the building), but I didn't get my camera out of the car. Randy was grouchy by the time we got to church. (Dealing with three girls (me, Cari and Natalie) seems to stress him out for "some reason"!) So I wanted to make sure to get some today. But I will do that in another post. I only did a few with us. I didn't document this occasion as well as Nicki did. Click HERE to see the before and after images as recorded by Nicki (Jonah's mom).
SECOND IMAGE [JONAH'S POTTY TRAINING GIFT]: I bought this pack of gymboree "big boy" underpants a while back that I was going to include with Jonah's Christmas gift that has been riding around in my car since January. Nicki and I had made plans to meet for lunch, but something came up and the opportunity has not risen again. So I thought since big event in Jonah life this past week was potty training...HE NEEDED "I AM BIG BOY GIFT". As you can see in this photo, Jonah love his new "big boy" underwear and Natalie seemed to love them just as much.
THIRD IMAGE [NATALIE "newest" prize--her new Swimsuit]: Natalie showing off her new zebra print swimsuit that I bought before Christmas from gymboree. Yes, along with all the winter zebra print line called Wild One they had a swimsuit. So I bought and saved it. In fact, I lost it--I mean misplaced it, but found it last week.
FOURTH IMAGE [NATALIE'S HANNAH MONTANA POSE?": I wanted some kind of pose with her zebra boots and her swimsuit. And Brittany suggested something along this line from Hannah Montana and this was Natalie's interpretation of it! At this point Natalie was getting really impatient with us. She was ready TO JUMP IN! I do plan to do some kind of mini session like I did in January with the zebra tutu, the boots and this swimsuit. Often my intentions are not followed through thus I wanted to make sure to get this one now. (Just in case I dont' get around to it...imagine that! LOL)
I am putting this up tonight. I can't seem to catch up, but at least I can do this little highlight/sneakpeak for now. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me: getting up early, following the bus taking the cheerleaders to camp, helping Cari unpack and get settled for the next few days ahead of them, and then coming back to see a performance that night at 6:15 and then driving back home alone (which I dread).
Time to get back to straightening up and getting some things ready for tomorrow.
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BACKTRACKING #10: Saturday Fun (05.23.09)

Above: posing (Mallory Pose--Brittany's friend, Mallary taught her this one!)

As look at these 2 years later and I can't help but remember this was when I could get her to look for the bug in my hair, camera or anything to get natural expressions. Now (July 2011) she just won't fall for that any more.

This was what she said when she had the camera in her hand! About being a photographer (not the others, but she had said those recently!)


Cari and Natalie...

Poppa and Natalie...

Making Silly faces...

[I think we were waiting for the boyfriend to show up.]

Natalie and Precious!

3D glasses!

Who looks better wearing them?


This is sort of sad...another post that I didn't finish. This is why you should do these right away. I think this was Memorial Day weekend. Cari, her boyfriend, Natalie and Mimi and Poppa went to Alexandria to see a 3D movie (I can't remember which at the moment) and dinner at Chuck E. Cheese. I think it was the first time we took her to CEC.


first time in the pool summer '09
ME: "Wait Natalie let me take one picture of you before you in the pool!"
Natalie and her 3-D glasses
Natalie trying on her 3-D glasses for the movie (before the movie).

We had a full day with Natalie Saturday. A day that included her first 3-D movie and then Chuck E. Cheese. Wow we were all exhausted at the end of that day. The next day after church when her mommy and daddy came over Natalie and her parents took the first swim in the pool this summer. (My suggestion for them...not me to do this. I knew the water was still cool after all the rain and cooler weather we've had!) During some spare time over last week, I finised the images that I thought I was trying to finish so that I could catch Natalie's blogging up (imags from Easter). I THOUGHT that was all I had to do and this past weekend's images that I could post and everything and be caught up from Easter until now. Then I realized I had not worked on the images from last weekend, Brooke's graduation and fun at Gigi's and here. So I now I am thinking I may go backwards. Post the last weekend's and over the next week or so post all from the last month until Easter. If I don't I will end up doing like I did at Christmas and finally just skip it all together and proceed forward, which I don't want to do again.
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Monday, May 25, 2009

BACKTRACKING #11: First Dip in the Pool for Summer 2009

Just realized that I never finished this post. I had the images and the title. So since it has been two years...that's all that this post will have. Apparently two years ago I had the best intention of backtracking a lot of posts (like 17 of them) and I didn't finish. Oh least I still have the images to add! Enjoy!.