Tuesday, July 30, 2013


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Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday today, Natalie!

Happy Birthday to Mimi's Little Sweetheart!

Friday, August 26, 2011


These images have never been worked up, edited or anything. I just found them in my files. This FLASHBACK is from about a year ago. That's a dear friend of mine, Tanya, who loves my little sweetheart too and Viking football. Natalie is sporting her custom made cheerleader suit that I had designed to mimic Cari's last year.

Today a friend of mine had a photo of her son wearing his football jersey with jeans. It was apparently of photo of him before school. And I also saw a photo of a cheerleader on fb too. Since it is Friday this is the day that the kids wear to school what they wear to the games. It is kind of sad to me that my cheerleader isn't still in high school wearing her cheer uniform to school today. And that Natalie isn't wearing her precious little cheer suit to the game! But life never stays the same. It's always changing. That's how God planned it and I am at peace with that!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Friday, July 29, 2011


Six years ago today is the day that the author of this blog became Mimi to the most loving little girl she has ever known. She is loved and adored by her whole family. Anyone who meets her can't help but fall in love with her too. She captures your heart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LITTLE SWEET!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Then and Now THURSDAY

(above and below)

SUMMER 2011 Summer 2007

  • She's gotten very picky with her clothes.

  • She rarely likes to wear what Mimi or Mommy picks out for her to wear.

  • She loves Justin Beiber and when I say love, I mean love...she's loved this teen idol since before Christmas. You can just bring up his name and she gets giddy.

  • She likes little "teen" shows on Disney or Nickelodeon verses Dora on Nick Jr. or Elmo or Curious George on PBS.

  • Wants to wear flip flops with everything and I mean everything. I had to let her know that they would not be allowed to be worn with a few certain dresses that she picked out recently when they were purchased.

  • She wants to dance like a teenager too (not good)!

  • She often very headstrong and opinionated and sometimes just wants to do it "her" way because it's nothing more than "her" way!

My, my...a lot of difference in four short years. This little sweetheart of mine has gone from cute-as-a-button toddler to an almost-6-year old. She's like 6 going on 16. Let me see if I can describe the similarity of that:


  • She knows that the Smurf Movie comes out on her birthday (tomorrow) and wants to go see it.

  • She recently giggled herself silly when Mimi took her to see the new Winnie-the-Pooh Movie at the theater.

  • She still loves playing at Chuck E. Cheese!

  • She still loves to be read to. I enjoyed reading many of her Fancy Nancy Books recently. And my almost-6-year old read the easy reader Fancy Nancy Books with me. We both just love the Fancy words in the books. Like Extraordinary....because after all, her Mimi thinks she is pretty extraordinary!

  • She loves to swim. I mean love it like a mermaid in training. She can swim up to 3 hours without taking a real break.

  • She loved her Beginning Tables Manners Class with Mignon. She didn't even complain about her dresses. Although I finally let her wear flip flops on the 4th day with a dress that would have looked nicer with sandals, but she had been so cooperative all week.

  • She picked out some really cute dresses recently at Kelly's Kids. Some nice little girl dresses!

  • She loves playing dress up and has loved that for about 2 years now!

NOTE: If I can think of additional things to add to these list I may do so since this is a little birthday documentary, since tomorrow is her 6th birthday!

~Natalie's Mimi~