Friday, August 26, 2011


These images have never been worked up, edited or anything. I just found them in my files. This FLASHBACK is from about a year ago. That's a dear friend of mine, Tanya, who loves my little sweetheart too and Viking football. Natalie is sporting her custom made cheerleader suit that I had designed to mimic Cari's last year.

Today a friend of mine had a photo of her son wearing his football jersey with jeans. It was apparently of photo of him before school. And I also saw a photo of a cheerleader on fb too. Since it is Friday this is the day that the kids wear to school what they wear to the games. It is kind of sad to me that my cheerleader isn't still in high school wearing her cheer uniform to school today. And that Natalie isn't wearing her precious little cheer suit to the game! But life never stays the same. It's always changing. That's how God planned it and I am at peace with that!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~