Friday, August 29, 2008




This image was captured exactly one year from today. I started her blog that a.m. and later that day after her Poppa came home I photographed her playing in the pool.

I have learned a lot since then and there's still a lot more I want to learn.

Remember when:

I think this will work. I just re-read the first few posts. I still have lump in my throught. I have been so blessed to have been such a big part of her life these first three years. I know she will always be a very special part of my heart. I am trying to concentrate on how blessed that I have been to have experienced so much joy with her rather than how sad I feel not being with her now. I know we still have many fun weekends and special days ahead do of us.


That's if for now. I must be back to work so that I can enjoy her more when she is here this weekend.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Thursday, August 28, 2008


To commerate My Blog Anniversary, I am posting two collages of a variety of images of Natalie from the last 6 months or so and we got our new face life...not bad for just a blog anniversary. I am very proud that I have kept this ongoing journal of Natlalie for one year...other than those 4 or 5 mos. that I was a true slacker (due to the holidays).

I guess it should have been from the last year. I may go pick some of my favorites later (that is if I find the

  1. The first one I added some of the digital scrapbooking materials that I purchased to do my blog. I could really get into playing with stuff.
  2. The second one has a lot of the same images. These are some of the collages that I had to re-check try after I learned my new trick in photoshop. These are the images that I had picked to do the header. Poor girl...I sent her 17 different images.
  3. One more thing...these image don't appear for large since they are collages. Try clicking them to see them a little larger.

These images were photographed the very end of Feburary (while in Memphis) until as recent as last week. I wanted to have more recent images in her blog header. I still have a lot of other favorites over the last year, but it is amazing how much she has grown and changed in 12 short months.

Oh yeah! After looking at these after I posted, I wanted to mention a lot of the same images are used. I wasn't trying to create acutally collages to use or print. I was just experience with the new collage templates that I had never used....though I may consider printing on of them for her room. The bright pinks would really look good in her new!

Today makes one week since I have seen Natalie about as long as I have ever gone w/o seeing. I am suppose to see her this weekend. Oh, I just remembered I did see her Sunday (but it was only a few minutes so it doesn't count). I have talked to her on the phone daily and I am so glad that I can talk to her on the phone, but I do miss seeing the face that goes with that excited sweet voice that I hear over the phone.

I am so looking forward to seeing My Little Sweetheart!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

From Small Beginnings, Come Great Things.

How true is this! Any parent/grandparent knows this is true.
  • While working on a birth announcement very late Monday night, I accidently learned something very siginificant in photoshop. It's was one of those little mysteries that I just couldn't figure out on my own...though in retrospect it seemed so simple. If I had been to a professional class (I usually go to one week long class once a year, but because graduation last year and wedding this year I haven't been in two years), I am sure I would have asked the instructor or even a classmate. Some people just seem to grasp the concepts of photoshop so much easier than me...those same people didn't have a problem programing their VCR years ago and those same people can figure out things about computer, electronics, etc. --things that I can't dream of understanding.
  • Over the last few years when I have that I have less and less time to be creative, I have purchased a few templates for collages and greeting cards, etc. I even get some of them free from a particular photography forum that I am a member. So I have collected a few, but some of them I just couldn't get past this certain point and I haven't used a lot of them and some of them, I found another way to use and but some I just couldn't get. So after I accidently discoverd this step, I started going through my template files and playing. I got so excited thinking...realizing how much time this would save me. How much simplier it will be to offer clients collages. I usually do it anyway, but spend way too much time working on them. Now something I really needed...a quicker way to do something that I normally do.
  • While I was playing...I mean learning, I ran across this template. I have never used it. So I should, right?
  • And how sweet it turned out. It is so amazing to see how much a child changes in 3 little short year. Natalie is just over a month in the infant photo and the other one was photographed back the end February (2 yr. and 7 mos.). She went from a precious baby to a beautiful little girl in such a short.
  • I am so lucky to a part of Natalie's World!
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Wednesday, August 27, 2008




And thanks to the other Nicki I know for telling me about this Nikki!
I am so excited about this new look. I just want to stare at it!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Thank you for all the prayers. It has upset me so much know ing that Natalie has been crying when they took her to "school". Today she didn't cry! Praise the Lord! Thank you, God, for hearing our prayers.
  • Brittany called me this morning after she left Natalie. Today (08.26.08) was her first day to not cry when her mommy left her at her new "school". I know it has been a transition for her and I know it has been hard on her parents too.
  • Last week was her intro week. She went Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday, they were moving and Thrusday, they had to come here to have their cars repaired. I think on all three of those days they took her together and again yesterday I think they took her together. Today Brittany took her by herself. [not that had anything to with it] Last week they would hang out with her until she eased into the days activities and when she was consumed with what was going on, they would slip out. Everyday she got great reports that she was doing well. But the next morning she would tell them that she didn't want to go and that she didn't want to play with her friends. That's what always called daycare. I would ask if she wanted to go play with her friends.
  • Yesterday, was the first day they had to leave her crying. They had their first day of classes. So they left quickly even with her crying. She got great reports again and even Natalie was all excited about the day. Natalie was telling stories and all kinds of things about her new friends (according to Brittany). But Brittany wasn't expecting much different. So this morning she was still okay, not as excited and little upset about leaving while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was still on. But after Brittany briefly explained it to her she was fine. And she was fine when she took her and left her!
  • I am so glad the Brittany called to tell me and I think it is sort of what set me off to a much better day than what I have had lately. Brittany also told me that it sort of made her cry too. And I must too. I remember experiencing something almost exactly like this with mine too. I will save it for another story tomorrow on Worth Remembering.

It is so Bitter Sweet when they do finally become independant. You're happy for them; that they don't need you, but your sad for the same reason. Of course, that is our job as parents [to raise happy, independant children].

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Monday, August 25, 2008


...while still living here for tomorrow (the day after this day) she moves to Baton Rouge with her mommy and daddy.

After church, we left for lunch at El Ranchero.
We don't usually get dessert, but today was a special day. Cari wanted the refried ice cream. So I ordered with 3 spoons, of course.
Isn't that expression priceless! This is the server bringing it to us.
I didn't think she would want the cherry. I offered to take it of her hands, but I was wrong. She does like cherries. Oh...darn! I really like them too!

Doesn't it look delicious, but not as yummy w/o the cherry on top!

How do you like those long "tea" spoons? I guess they don't have regular spoons for ice cream.

They almost have the same look concentration on there face.
I am not sure what this expression is, but it almost seems to be the same again. Funny, huh?

Okay, now they are just plain posing for the camera. Are they beautiful? They almost look like sisters instead of Aunt and Niece. I always loved the way Natalie just looked like she belonged in our family. Her mommy is very pretty, but if Natalie would have looked just like her (they do favor a lot in spite of Natalie light hair and eyes), people would have wondered where she came from!

Being just plain silly...

Natalie had not seen her parents in a few days because them working and getting packed for the move. On the way home she wanted her mommy. So what's the next best thing...yes, a serious phone call.

Then she needed to call her daddy too.

I don't think she has ever talked on the phone this long. It was too cute!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~


while living in this area.
After a nice big lunch, we were all wanting to come home and take a Sunday afternoon nap. As soon as we got out of the car, Natalie says, "I wanna go swimming." She had been lately because of all the rain. It was raining at the moment. So by all means, let's go. The fringe benefit of swimming before napping is that it makes a very tired little who usually goes down very easy.
None of these images are that great. After taking tons of images the day before at the lake, I didn't want to get the "big" cameron out. So I continued to use the point and shoot.

A rare photo of Mimi and Natalie in the pool. I am usually the one taking things. In fact, I didn't know this one was taken until I got these off the card.

I don't know who she got this from. It really isn't to sweet, but it is Natalie. This is something that sometimes she does when try to photograph her. I guess she is just being silly.

Cari wanted me to take action shots of her and Natalie jumping in. This is something that did a lot this summer. Actions shots are not my strong suit, but definitely not with that camera. But I tried...

It just takes so much longer for the camera to focus...

Getting ready to jump...

After the jump...

So we tried again...

and's isn't in focus, but you can see their movement and they are really jumping.
If this rain doesn't stop, this may have been our last swim in the pool. Maybe we'll get another chance to play in the pool before summer days end.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~


I just talked to Cameron. He called to tell me about his first day of school. Their classes began today. I am not sure how Brittany's went today. This was her very first day of classes at LSU.
I am so glad that he likes to call me and tell me things like that.

While talking to Cameron I asked him how did Natalie do today when she was left. She cried again today. Oh, I do hope she adjusts to this soon. It makes me sad and I know it is very hard on her parents leaving a crying child...even when they get great reports about the rest of her day. He said that since they both had classes that they just left quickly. I even told him it was probably better that way...though I do know it such a hard thing to do as a parent (or grandparent)!

I have been working on updating the blog images before I get knee deep in all the work that I am sooooo behind on, but I wanted to stop and give this little update.

So please say a little prayer for her...for all of them...for all of us. It will be so much easier once she adjusts to the new changes in her life. Though I don't blame her...I am not too fond of changes either.

I do have a few more images to add from the point and shoot camera today or tomorrow and then I will be caught up. I wished I had took a few photographs yesterday (but it was pouring down rain again!) when we met them in Woodville with Brittany's car that had been repaired and with more of belongs such as clothes and toys. Natalie will enjoy riding that tricycle to the playground (once they get it downstairs) that I took to them.

So stay tuned to Natalie's World to view more images of her little world viewed through her Mimi's eyes.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~


Apartment #3222

I made the stop for a photo even though they were very excited and ready to get the the "LSU PLAYGROUND"!

"Natalie, you have to put your shoes back on or we're going back to the apartment!"

I guess she wore Robeez too long. She really hates to wear "real" shoes.

Stopping to pose for Mimi!

Natalie and Emma having fun!

I love finding a frame within something else.

An action shot of sliding. I am not a great action photographer (more portrait). So I really love that I captured the action of this image and the enthusiasm in her expression.

You see it really is an LSU playground.

The playground is a part of their apartment complex and is provided for them only. I am so glad they have this.

Do you remember the above image of Natalie putting her shoes back on? Well, I guess she took them off again and this time I did not notice her putting them on the wrong feet. I did the first time and corrected her. Oh, well. It is funny!

After just a few minutes, we were hot and thirsty. So we went back to the apartment for a water break and a ponytail for Mimi! But before we did, I asked Emma to take a photo of me and Nat. She was proud of her image when she viewed it on the back.

After a water break, we went back. This time we stopped at the swings first. They are also on the premises, but not in the same fenced in area as the LSU setup.

Check out those dirty toes! I tried to make her keep these shoes on, but I gave up! This is one of the reasons that I prefer tennis shoes at the parks and playgrounds.

Emma at the swings

Natalie sitting "normal" in the swing

I had fun playing with the girls in the play area and it was a great photo opportunity too!

I look forward to playing with Natalie at this LSU playground for many days to come.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~


These are the images at their first apartment as a family.
This is a view of Natalie's room from the door. I didn't have wide angle lens which you really need in a small space. My only wide angle lens is on the camera that I have given Brittany to use to photograph/document Natalie in Tiger Land.
Natalie's little room is Dora Themed. This is acutally Natalie's first "real" room. She had a room at our home (the sunroom) when she was an infant. But when we took her baby bed down and using the mattress for her toddler bed, we put it in our room. The sunroom became her TOY ROOM. One day I would like to convert it back to a sunroom and use it for window light photography again.
These images were all captured late that day affter we got back from Wal-mart. Cameron is working on some software for something (internet, I think), Emma is helping with the sofa cover that her mom picked up at Wal-mart and Natalie is "cheesing" for the camera.

Cameron really hates to be photographed, but I when I reminded him that we would be leaving soon and that we would all be out his hair, I got this nice expression. Thanks, Cam!

Brittany is like Cari. She doesn't mind looking up and smiling for my camera even if she does have drenched hair from the downpour that we got caught in leaving wal-mart. She is writing her address down for me here.

They got very lucky in getting a 3-bedroom apartment. This is the extra room where everything ended up until it was unpacked and put up. This room will be their office and...

Cameron's closet. This way all three of them will have their own closet.

I assume Natalie's golf clubs will be stored here too.

Another image working on the sofa cover...I think it was a little difficult.

Joey (daddy's friend--now also Natalie's too) playing with her in her room.

Their bed with their new bedding that Uncle Danny and Aunt Maria bought from their Target registry. Maria, I don't think this photo is does justice. It looked for pretty. The lamps Brittany's mom really went great with it. And all the other accent pieces. I didn't photograph the other side in the two bedroom, but they put pretty curtains over the open closets. By the time we left there, it was all coming together very nicely. I think they were proud of it too. (I wished I would have thought to photographed our first apartment. I have photographs while there, but not each room.)

Brittany's family with Cameron, Brittany, and Natalie. They all got there mid-morning with four different vehicles of boxes of things to unpack.

Randy and I with Cameron, Brittany and Natalie just before leaving. I looked terrible after the bringing bags and bags of stuff up three flights of stairs. Yes, they are on the third floor. Oh well, I often avoid photographs because I think I look terrible (which I did), but I am not as concerned with that looking great in each image. I would rather have my image than not! It's the price I have to pay! Randy and I didn't get there until around 3:00. We brought the trailer with their furniture. To give the girls a break and get them out of the way, I took them to the LSU playground (as seen in part 1).

Think Natalie is enjoying her new apartment in Baton Rouge.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~