Sunday, November 15, 2009

Proud to be a Saints Fan...9-0

These are my 15 favorites from the mini portrait Session that we did yesterday. Her Aunt Cari made her this Saints tutu. Cari is creating them to sell if you or you know anyone interested in purchasing a Saints tutu, an LSU Tutu or any other variation.

[Some of you might have seen this on facebook yesterday. I couldn't resist giving a sneakpeak]


[Have you ever seen a cuter pout?]

[I don't think she was really pouting, but that's sort of what we got. I would ask her not to smile or not smile so big, but that was often what I got. I love it!]




[And yes, I saw the cat in the background. The funny thing about that cat is that he won't come to you when you want him to AND he want go away when you want him to either!]



The sun was going down. So that was the end of this fun mini-portrait session.

My husband, Natalie's Poppa, has been a Saints fan for as long as I can remember [even before he was an LSU fan--don't tell the die-hard LSU fans! lol]. So his son followed that tradition and his daughter too. So now we pass it on to the next generation!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know this should be called Trunk or Treat or Halloween or something along the line of the event that was taking place the day that I took these images of my little sweetheart, but since I don't feel like these few images actually tell the whole story...we'll just make a "TOO-CUTE TUESDAY" post. One of the reasons that I stay behind on blogging is NOT because I don't take photos or it is NOT because fun things/memorable things don't happen in Natalie's World, it's because I don't have enough time to cover it with the detail that I desire. Thus if I can't do it like I really want, I tend to not get around to it all. I so wish I could summarize things much better and was NOT as detailed oriented so that I could. Oh well...I will stop whining and move on the matter at hand.

full-length view (including a view of Toto)...

Always a little poser these days...

Emma (the vampire) and Natalie (Dorothy)...
and again Natalie is posing! LOL

and now "cheesing"!

I wished I had more images ready to post from trunk or treat. This is one of the trunks, my friend, client, and assistant, Kate, her son, Cash and her mom! The theme was Farmer's Market. Cash is a carrot! I've never seen a cuter carrot!

Another trunk with a darling Charlie Brown theme.
This is Sarah and Natalie, twin Dorothies.

Natalie making the Trunk or Treat round.

After we got home we finished the evening off with watching...

yes, of course, THE WIZARD OF OZ!

We watched this movie for the first time about a month ago with Natalie. I was thrilled that she loved it and was excited to be Dorothy. A week earlier when I bought her RUBY RED SLIPPERS, we watched again. She wore them w/her jammies. She almost fell asleeep wearing them. Such precious memories!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

too-cute-Tuesday #3


Finally fall! I bought her several fall clothes a while back with my ebay (paypal) credit when I sold some things a while back, but she has been able to wear them because it has been so NOT FALL!

Doesn't she look adorable wearing her new fall dress?

Natalie just loves her cousin, Dalton, (my newphew---my brother's son). She had not seen him in a while. Natalie was so happy to see her "daldun". It was so sweet!
My sister, Jackie, her daughter, Brooke, and Dalton came down Saturday for the Balloon Races. They didn't see any balloons, but just the same we had a great visit. I took these photos before church on Sunday morning. They were getting ready to leave to see my mom and we were getting ready for church (thus the reason Natalie is dressed up and Dalton, not so much). It sure was great seeing him and seeing how much Natalie loves him.
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY...(okay, just a few words)

Last Friday Natalie and I went to see her Aunt Cari's pep rally. Then we came back home. She brought me a Spider Lily (flower) and wanted me to put it in a vase. I could not find a bud vase. All I could find was a vase for a bouquet of flowers. So I told her to pick more flowers [since we had plenty]. She came back after just a few minutes with a whole bouquet and as soon as she gave them me she started rubbing her eyes. I thought, "Oh no! She's allergic to these flowers." Then I remembered she had been playing with the newest litter of kittens here on our cat farm. I am sure she is more likely allergic to cats than these flowers [since her daddy is allergic to them too]. So as cute as this image is with Natalie and the bouquet of flowers, it would have been cuter without her red eyes!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Sunday, October 4, 2009


just a sneakpeak for now
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday

If you couldn't read the first about now (a close-up of the same image)?

Okay...a better view and if you still can't see it well click on the image!

Our little tiger has cute bottom, but an even cuter face:
Two years ago and today too!

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

too-cute-Tuesday #3

[posing in front of the sign]
Yes, it was two months ago and I don't know if I will ever get on top of blogging like I sooo desire, but I do enjoy sharing Natalie's World with those of you who enjoying viewing her images too.

She really learned to swim this summer. But for some reason she wasn't too sure about the diving board at first. This is her giving "ORDERS" to "bigger" people already in the pool. She strategicly planned to have them all around her when she know--just in case, she needed them.

At this point, we were pleading with her to jump. We were getting tired of waiting. [not to mention--that other children wanted to jump too]


swimming to the side (that's Ally playing with the beach ball on the side)...

Talking to her daddy...
[I love the expression on her daddy's face.]

Even though summer is gone and though today (09.29.09--exactly 2-months after Natalie's birthday) is a nice fall day, we can still enjoy the memories of summer again through the images that we capture.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Summary of Natalie's Weekend with Mimi

Okay, first of all excuse the photography of these images. I won't list all my excuses, but I will say that I just wasn't on my game. To begin with, I got my camera out at the game to capture the "cheerleader" in this little sweetheart only to discover in the mist of me making sure I had everything before I left the house (rain jackets, etc.) that I forgot my memory card. So I missed the first few shots that I really wanted to capture, but then I borrowed on from a good friend. Thanks, Delynn! Natalie was so excited to see her Aunt Cari cheer (and Alexa too). She really wanted to be down there with them cheering. She really thinks she's a cheerleader too. She would follow their moves. This is the first game that Natalie got to attend this season with her Aunt Cari as cheerleader. I picked her up before the scrimmage, but it was cancelled because of rain. Cari was sick at the first game and then last week was out of town and Natalie didn't get in town until Saturday. So finally! Natalie gets to see her Aunt Cari cheer and she has a ball cheering too! It was a great game (even though we did lose and even if it was so muggy that I felt like I ran through a sprinkler by the time I left). [I just added another image since I just realized that I posted this image twice.]
Natalie loved seeing people she knew and giving them hugs. I wished I had a photo of her and every person she hugged. I would have a really long post if I did. LOL! She truly is the most hugging child I have ever known. Here she is with Tori. Tori had to go get her a Viking tattoo. Natalie is soooo into tattoos...much more than I care to mention. So, of course, she was thrilled to get a tattoo for her face! Thanks, Tori! Natalie loves you!

Saturday morning I had an outdoor portrait session scheduled and I had intended to leave Natalie sleeping and hoping that she would sleep as long as possible so that she wouldn't be in the way. Painting is still ongoing at my house. But after it finally got daylight, I see it was going to be too yucky to capture the beautiful wall portraits that I knew this client wanted. So I re-scheduled and then started trying to think of something for Natalie and me to do to get out of the house out of their way! We decided on the SATURDAY MORNING MOVIE PROGRAM at the Grande Theater in Alexandria. This was perfect! For $3.00: a movie, popcorn and a drink! Something for us to do that didn't cost a fortune. The movie was wasn't new movie, but it was new to me and Natalie. Cari has the movie, but I've never seen it; we saw "Spirit--Stallion of the Cimaron". After the movie we killed more time at Wal-mart, purchased a few things, then got lunch at Subway to take to the park.
Natalie wasn't that worried about eating. She really just wanted to play,
but she got really excited when she saw this...

I had to make her eat and drink her milk before she could play.

I took just a few pics and then put my camera in the car so that I could play with her.
It was pretty and hot! We had a lot of fun and finally Natalie made some new friends and I was allowed to rest and watch.
The next day (yesterday) we went to church. They had their first Children's Church Service. We went to lunch at Nicki's. Natalie at beef tips. Poppa and Aunt Cari came home in her car and I met Natalie mommy and daddy in St. Francisisville. Natalie and I had ice cream while waiting on them.
It was a special weekend for Natalie and Mimi!
I love that little girl so much!
~~Natalie's Mimi~~