Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tea Party Photo and Contest Entry

It has been another busy summer here in Natalie's World and hopefully before summer is completely over we can do some backtracking and catch-up a bit. But today I am pleading that you vote for Natalie at the Kelly's Kid Photo Contest.
I've had several contests this it sure would be nice to win one. Here what you do: First go to this page KELLY'S KIDS; Click LIKE, of course, you have to have your own facebook page to play in this contest. NEXT: CLICK HERE (the photo on the KK page), then click LIKE under the photo to vote for Natalie. We are a bit behind. It sure would be fun to win this. Natalie will win $100 gift certificate for more Kelly's Kids clothes and free monogramming. Thanks so much!
~~Natalie's Mimi~~
P.S. I have Birthday photos that need to be posted...oooh to win would be a great late birthday present. AND THE DEADLINE TO VOTE (LIKE) IS TOMORROW, FRIDAY, AT 9:00 A.M.