Friday, October 31, 2008


...or is it ABBY CADABBY?
I don't really get into Halloween, but I couldn't resist this darling costume for Natalie. What girl doesn't love dressing up like a Fairy Princess! The colors of this costume that I found on ebay is similar to Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. So after I found the Abby Cadabby bucket (almost just like the Elmo one from last year), we hinted to Natalie that this was her Abby Cadabby costume and that's the name she adopted for it too (so her mommy told me).

I posted several of these without the full costume when I posted her weekend with us on 09-20-08. I didn't post any with the full costume because I wanted it to be surprise to post on Pumpkin Day (that's what I am calling it) or with whatever activities she attends to wear it. Sunday afternoon her parents took her to Boo in the Zoo in Baton Rouge and then the other night to the Boozar in the image from the post below.

Since I am don't get to attend any of these special events with her, I am posting these today. Last year Brittany and I took her to Trunk or Treat at our church and then Brittany and I took her to their church and she changed costumes. So had two costume last year. I was so overwhelmed last year that I didn't post anything on Natalie's World from the middle of October until February. So I may try to find some of those images later today and include them too!

But for now...enjoy these! I don't think there has ever been a fair princess any prettier! [sounds like a true Mimi, huh?]

And, yes, Cari informed me that Natalie and I put her wings on upside down!
We tried this on after her bath that morning...I just remembered that because I noticed her wet hair in this photo.

~~Natalie's Mimi~~


LSU recently had an called the Boozar. Brittany had told me that they wanted to take Natalie. She called me today and asked me to go to this website: THE DAILY REVEILLE...

Then she told me to scroll down to the Snapshot: Boozar. Then click to the 17th image. Yes, Natalie made one 18 images that they posted online. I thought the link would take to the 17th images, but I think you have to the 17th image.

Doesn't she look adorable?

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Natalie Watching Hot Air Balloons

Natalie waiting to see some "air Balloons" as she called them. Doesn't she look cute wearing her hot air balloon dress that I bought at the flea market last year?
So while were waiting Natalie and Cari had a conversation about nail polish.

Natalie and her Aunt Cari posing for a close-up.

I though it would be cute in black and white I included both!

"It's a bird, it's a's not a hot air's a hang glider". This is what we saw before we actually saw any hot air balloons. Natalie didn't make it for the morning hot air balloon flight. So we are doing it again (check out Worth Remembering for the morning flight) with her.

We are watching for them on the levee at the Vidalia Riverfront. Finally after watching the hang glider, we see some balloons getting ready to go up.
They're begging to go up. We can see on the other side of the levee.

She's pointing at them. (I think I asked her yes, it doesn't look really that natural, but you get the point. She's looking at the balloons up in the sky.)

One going over the hotel on the river...

What an expression!
some serious watching...
She pointing on her own this time I think...check out little ring her mommy bought her earlier at the flea market. She was so proud of it.

The one I posted earlier. My favorite image of her from the day!

I don't know what this means, but I just like it.
still watching...

The Advocate Balloon

Do see the little spot above this balloon? I am pretty sure it is the hang glider again.

Natalie being plain silly...

I gave Cari that camera to get a few of me and Natalie. We are watching the balloons. She is sitting in my lap. Moment like this will always be some of my most cherished moment in life!

I really hate this image of me, but I lov it of her. So it's a keeper and at least I have this to remember our special time together watching the balloons.
We certainly seem serious about the balloon watching in this image.

I love the images of them floating above the bridge.

We saw many more balloons earlier in the day, but we still saw plenty...enough that Natalie had a fun time watching the balloons float above her.
So next to the carnival! Cari is giving a "piggy" back ride to the car.
I enjoyed sharing these afternoon with these girls and I am so glad that I have images so that we remember what a special day it was. Anytime together is special, but even more special to share a new experience with Natalie.
~~Natalie's Mimi~~

Carnival Fun with Aunt Cari and Mimi, too

I took this photo while we were deciding what to ride next. Don't they look like sisters?
Yes, it is carnival fun with Aunt Cari and Mimi, but Mimi will not be featured in any of the photos. She was having enough fun watching and documenting these memories with her camera, besides this is one of those rides that go round and round (not for Mimi!)
A little out of focus, but that's okay because it is our memory not a portrait!

I had to ask them to not spin the ride while I got a few photos!

I tried to remember to take some from a distance to get the full view of the ride since there weren't too many people there I could do that.

The uncropped version of the first one...

The next ride, the dragon ride. The is the one she rode the night before and laughed so hard and so did I. We were sure if she was having that much fun or thought she was suppose to act like she was because she laughed, but she looked scared. It was so hilarious to me! I love that her fearlessness with things like this.

The night before they made each child ride this ride individually (a different child in each car...this was on the Natchez side), but this carnival (same ride, but Vidalia side), they made them ride w/someone. I guess I forgot to post the full view of this, but they had two children in the first car and two in the last. Natalie in this little girl are in the last.

Next was the Carousel, but for some reason...probably because she had never rode in the little sleigh looking ride, she chose to ride it rather than the pretty horses. Cari was going to ride with her to help her on the horse, but she could have rode this one by herself. Cari tried to talk her into the horse, but oh well...another new experience for Natalie.
This image Cari is trying to get Natalie to look to take the photo before the ride starts.

This time she is looking, but not Aunt Cari. That's how it goes.

Next was the cars...
Two Steering Wheels!

She looks so serious about this in this one.

Smiling for the camera...

some actions shots...she's really into steering this car

We're not sure why she is doing this tongue thing, but it was quite cute!
The last ride or would we say SLIDE.

Natalie was so good. I was worried she would expect to stay longer and ride everything again, but when I told her this was the last ride and that he had take some supper home to Poppa, she repeated what I said and was completely fine with it. She had done the same thing the night before with the rides in Natchez. That's so much better than pleading and begging to continue to ride.

It was a fun weekend with Natalie and the rest of my family.
~~Natalie's Mimi~~